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Yoshikazu Shirakawa

Yoshikazu Shirakawa is the first photographer who had created 11 commemorative stamps for the United Nation’s “International Year of the Mountains.”
After all, Shirakawa is one of the most famous landscape photographers in the world. His books such as the “World’s Hundred Greatest Mountains,” “Alps” and the “Himalayas” gave him the much-needed experience demanded for the stamps of the world’s most beautiful mountains.
Shirakawa, who was born in 1935 in Ehime, Japan, improved his craft after graduating from the Nihon University’s College of Art Photography. As a freelance photographer, he has published a number of landscape photography compilations, such as the “Landscapes of China,” a two-volume book which featured the mountains, rivers, and other landscapes of China.
He also published the “Lands of the Bible,” which debunked the wrong snapshots of the Bible’s greatest places. For one, the holy place regarded in the Old Testament, was said to be located in between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. As part of modern-day Iraq, the country refused to provide Visas for photographers who wish to capture the view. But Shirakawa braved it all, and successfully managed to score images of the Bible’s holy lands. For this brave mission he received the “Photographer of the Year Award” from the American Society of Media Photographers.


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