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Yoshihiro Tachiki

Yoshihiro Tachiki is a renowned Japanese photographer whose works reflect the country’s landscapes and cultures.
One of his most prominent works is the “Takohana: The Beauty of Sumo,” which was featured in the Kateigaho, Japan’s foremost arts and culture magazine. His images were that of Takanohana Koji, a sumo elder and the next stablemaster of the Futagoyama stable. His snapshots depicted the serenity in Koji, despite the fact that he was a roaring master in the ring.
In 1984, Tachiki came up with his most controversial book yet – the Playboy Photograph Library. As the name suggest, it features images of women in the nude.
Apart from being a respected photographer, Tachiki is also a cinematographer. In 1964, he released the movie “The Cage,” which deals with the question: is man a prisoner of time?
Although Tachiki spent most of his time behind the camera, the tables turned when TV Tokyo made a documentary about Tachiki’s journey to Kobe, where he spent most of his childhood days. Although he was born in Tokushima, Tachiki fell in love with the sights and sounds of Kobe when he was young. As an established photographer he decided to return to Kobe to take pictures of the town’s sights.


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