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Yoshihiko Ueda

Yoshihiko Ueda is one of the most foremost names when it comes to advertising photography in Japan.
Born in 1957 in Hyogo, Ueda attended the Visual Arts College in Osaka. Here he studied under renowned photographers Taiji Arita and Masanobu Fukuda. After graduating in 1982, he started work as a freelance photographer.
Although he is famous for his advertising snapshots, Ueda continues to work on his private collections and exhibits. His particular style has gained the acclaim of critics from both the local and international scenes.
Ueda has published a number of photo books. One is “Chamber of Curiosities,” which is displayed in the University of Tokyo Museum. “Portrait,” on the other hand, is a collection of photos of renowned artists and writers based in Japan. Close to his heart is the book “At Home,” which features images of his family.
Ueda’s other famous snapshots include “Quinault,” a photo of a forest which is considered ‘holy’ by American Indians. There’s also “Amagatsu,” which stars the Butoh-dancer Ushio Amagatsu. He also enjoyed picturing Frank Lloyd Wright’s Buildings in a collection which was aptly-named after the architect. These images were displayed in international galleries, such as the Michael Hoppen Gallery for Contemporary Art.


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