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Yonosuke Natori

Yonosuke Natori is a respected photographer and editor. After graduating from the Keio Normal School, Natori followed his mother who was stationed in Munich, Germany. Here he studied in an arts school, and because of this special education he became interested with photography.
In 1931, he purchased his own Leica camera. The following year he was hired by the Ullstein publishing company to cover the Mukden Incident in Manchuria. After this coverage he returned to his homeland where he established the Nihon Kobo Club with Ihei Kimura. After the collapse of the club, he set his sights on the Nippon magazine.
Natori relocated to the United States where his beautiful snapshots were published by the Life Magazine. This made him the first Japanese photographer whose works were published in the magazine. Truly a nationalist, Natori returned to Japan where he worked for propaganda publications such as “Canton” and “Shanghai.”
Inspired by Life Magazine, Natori founded the Weekly Sun News. After two years, he became an editor for the Iwanami Shashin Bunko. During his fifties he traveled the world extensively, where he set his lenses on beautiful architecture and fine Romanesque structures. These images were published in the book “Romaneseku: seiyobi no shigen,” which was published in 1962.


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