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Yoichi Midorikawa

Yoichi Midorikawa is a Japanese photographer famous for his landscape shots. Born in 1915 in Okayama, Midorikawa is a dentist by profession.
Even in dental school, Midorikawa continued to pursue his photography hobby. As a student he established the Ginryu-sha club, which comprised of hobbyists and professional photographers just like him.
At the dawn of the 1960’s he shifted his sights to landscape photography. He liked focusing his lens on Setonai-kai National Park, where ten Japanese prefectures met with the country’s inland see. This became the backdrop for his notable works, such as ships sailing off to the sunset. The images were published in the book “These Splendored Isles,” published in 1970.
He also published a photo book named “Nihon no Fukei.” Published in 1969, this 158-page book featured beautiful shots taken by Midorikawa.
Truly an advocate of lovely Japanese sceneries, Midorikawa also published “Kyoto: a book of color photographs.” Published in 1970, this 184-page compendium featured vivid photographs of the notable Japanese city.


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