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Yasuhiro Yoshioka

Born in 1932, Yasuhiro Yoshioka is a talented visionary. He is a renowned photographer and cinematographer.
As a still photographer, he came up with the images that defined the movie “The Face of Another,” which is a triumvirate of films by director Hiroshi Teshigahara. He was also responsible for the still images of the 1964 movie “Woman in the Dunes,” again directed by Teshigahara.
As a cinematographer, Yoshioka was the visionary behind seven films, namely Japanese Summer: Double Suicide (1967), Death by Hanging (1968), Sinner in Paradise (1968), Diary of a Shinjuku Thief (1969), Boy (1969), Dear Summer Sister (1972) and Oni no uta (1975). He also dabbled with the cinematography of two documentaries – The Journey of the Blind Musicians and Kyoto, My Mother’s Place.
In 1963, Yoshioka published his first photo book entitled “Shashinsu-Sakuhinshu.” This self-published collection of his artworks and portraits has a foreword written by Yusuke Nakahara. It features 57 monochromatic photographs, ranging from close ups of feet and private parts. When it was published, such photos were considered as lewd, but with the modernization of times it has transformed itself into a contemporary art favorite. Unlike other Japanese photo books, “Shasinsu-Sakuhinshu” features texts in English and French as well.


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