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Tsukiji Hitoshi

Tsukiji Hitoshi, born 1947, is known for his snapshots of modern architectural buildings. His most famous compendium to date is “The Product,” which features images of windows, doors, and pillars shot in a ‘futuristic’ fashion.
In 1975, Hitoshi self-published the book “Suichokujo No, (Ryoiki) ’69-’73.” The compendium featured 37 monochromatic images which were reminiscent of Aaron Siskind’s works.
Hitoshi’s images were also included in the publication “Konzai No Modanizamu Kenchiku 20-Sen,” alongside those of Risaku Suzuki and Ashiya Siritsu. The book, which was published in 2001, consists of 193 pages of notable photography exhibits.
Hitoshi has also hosted several solo exhibits. In 2008, his collection “Vertical, (Domain).08” was shown at the Gallery Dazzle in Tokyo. The same gallery hosted his 2010 exhibit named “Void.” His third exhibit, held 2011 at the same institution, was entitled “Constellation.”
Hitoshi’s images were also included in the renowned international exhibit named “Japanese Photography 1970-1980,” held last 2003. The show, which was displayed in the S.K. Josefsberg Studio in Portland, Oregon, also featured the photos of Michiko Kon, Nobuyoshi Araki, Hiroshi Shugimoto, and Nobuko Hayashi, to name a few.
Hitoshi was included in the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography’s list of 328 Outstanding Photographers.


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