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Toshiyuki Kurosu

Toshiyuki Kurosu is one of the most famous Japanese fashion photographers.
Kurosu, together with Shosuke Ishizu, Hajime Hasegawa, and Teruyoshi Hayashadi, published the New York Times bestselling photo book entitled “Take Ivy.” Originally printed in 1965, “Take Ivy” is a photographic compendium of young, fashionable, and smart American men studying at the prestigious Ivy League Universities throughout the country. The book focused on the casual, laid-back styles of 1960’s male college students who were having the time of their lives – studying in the library or lounging around the university square.
“Take Ivy” became an instant hit. When it was released, it became the fashion bible for trendy Japanese students who were living by the posh Ginza district. The book was then considered a rarity, and the clamor for more prints launched the 2006 re-publication of “Take Ivy.” As expected, the second edition – published more than four decades later – sold like hotcakes.
In 2010, the Powerhouse Publication decided to translate the text from Kurosu’s “Take Ivy” into English, spawning the interest of many readers who are interested in the history of fashion. Whether it’s in Japan, or the United States, the fashion style exhibited in Kurosu’s “Take Ivy” proves to be monumental in shaping the trends of today.


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