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Toshiteru Yamaji

Toshiteru Yamaji, born 1937 in Kagawa, Japan, spent a quarter of a century of his life as a city officer and agricultural businessman. His experience in the trade greatly influenced his works as a photographer.
In fact, in his 10 years of government service he captured images which were published as “Pigs and Papa,” a pictorial collection of the life of a hog farmer in Marugame. More than just a graphic record of feeding and rearing pigs, “Pigs and Papa” depicts the bond between the hogs and their master – a relationship more meaningful than what the eyes can see. Images in the book include the farmer cradling the piglets, beaming with happiness, just like a proud father.
Without any help from any publisher, Yamaji published this collection – against all odds. Not only did he choose a lesser-known medium, he proved that he could do it on his own. For this 128-page, monochromatic photo collection, the independent photographer was awarded the Graphic Prize from the 13th Self-Publishing Award-giving body.
In October 2000, “Pigs and Papa” the exhibit was shown in Japan’s renowned Foil Gallery. It was also displayed in the Little More Chika Gallery in 2011.
“Pigs and Papa” continues to be Yamaji’s most prolific work to date.


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