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Toshio Shibata

Many photographers focused their lenses on buildings and edifices, but nothing can compare to the large-format portraits of famous photographer Toshio Shibata. His snapshots of engineering in rural areas became his very own signature style.
These images were published in his many photo books, such as Landscape (1996), Shibata Toshio Visions of Japan (1998), Dam (2004), and Landscape 2 (2008.)
Born 1949 in Tokyo, Shibata earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the Tokyo University of the Arts. He first studied painting, and under a scholarship given by the Belgian Ministry of Education, Shibata was able to hone his photography skills at the Royal Academy of Ghent.
Following the advice of the Academy director, Shibata decided to visit the Zabriskie Gallery where he witnessed the exhibit “The American West: One Hundred Years of Landscape Photography.” Although the Japan photography scene that time was dominated by social protest images, Shibata decided to turn his sights on structured shots.
In 1979, he staged his first solo exhibit, and hasn’t stopped ever since. In fact, he managed to show his works at international soil with a grant by the Centre National de la Photographie in Paris, France.
For his architectural images he was granted the 17th Ihei Kimura Award for the year 1992.


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