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Tetsuya Ichimura

Tetsuya Ichimura, born Tetsuya Hamaguchi, is world-famous for his tasteful images of nude women.
Born in 1930 in Nagasaki, Japan, Ichimura relocated to Tokyo where he enrolled at Nihon University. As a student, he juggled different jobs, and through one of his works he managed to meet renowned photographer Shotaro Akiyama, who opened his eyes to the world of snapshots.
Ichimura was given a special citation by the First International Subjectivism Photo Exhibition in 1956. After being recognized, Ichimura set his sights on nude photography. In fact, his first solo display “Love and Lost,” which was shown in Fuji Photo Salon in 1963, featured a couple of nude imageries.
Ichimura also showed his work in international galleries, such as “New Japanese Photography” in New York. His images were also included in a Japanese photo exhibit held in Graz.
Ichimura has also published several compilations, such as “Come Up” in 1971, “Body: mega, sexual photo” in 1994, and “Ichimura Tetsuya feromon sakuhinshu: Shunga erotic picture do H” in 1995.
After several exhibits and books of nude portraits, Ichimura focused his lenses on more ‘wholesome’ images belonging to his birthplace. In 1988 he released the compilation “Nagasaki,” a collection of landscapes and iconographies of his hometown.


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