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Tatsusaburo Hayashiya

Tatsusaburo Hayashiya is a Japanese photographer most famous for his images of Japanese cultures and traditions.
One of his most respected picture books is “Japanese Arts and the Tea Ceremony.” Published in 1974, the 186-pagecompendium features images of ancient pottery, the tearoom, and Japanese garden architecture – all of which play big roles in the history and tradition of the tea ceremony.
Apart from “Japanese Arts and the Tea Ceremony,” Hayashiya has also authored a couple of image books, such as “Varieties of Fudo-Myoo (Alacanatha)” which was published in 1979. The book, which features the art of Japanese calligraphy, also features articles by Kinoshita Masao, Nakano Genzo, and Inoue Tadashi.
He also authored “On Buddhist Paintings and Hand Scrolls,” a collection which features 13 monochromatic images of Buddhist art. The compilation also includes articles by Hamada Takashi, Nakano Genzo, Miya Tsugio, Wakasugi Junji, and Akiyama Terakuzu.
“Animals and Plants in Religious Art” is another Hayashiya publication. Printed in 1982, the compendium is written in Japanese, with articles from respected personalities such as Yanago Munemoto, Nakano Genzo, Imoto Eiichi, and Sofukawa Hiroshi.
Apart from these revolutionary publications, Hayashiya has created many more, including “Chusei No Toshi to Minshu,” “Dento No Kensei,” and “Geijutsu No Shuhen,” to name a few.


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