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Takashi Homma

Takashi Homma is one of the most respected ‘new wave’ photographers in Japan. Born in 1962, Homma thrived in London, England from 1991 to 1992 before flying back to Japan.
When Homma returned to his homeland, he worked with the “i-D” publication, a paper which advocated for young, local talents.
In 1998, Homma was given the prestigious Ihei Kimura Award for the compendium “Tokyo Kougai: Tokyo Suburbia.”
Inspired by photographer Nakahira Takuma, Homma decided to publish the collection in the book “Extremely Good Scenes: Short Hope: Nakahira Takuma” in 2003.That same year he worked on a video with the same title.
Homma also published photo books, including “Tokyo Children,” “Sky Shots,” “Suburban Landscapes,” and “New Waves.” In fact, images from the “New Waves” book were sold for as expensive as $2000 a piece.
One of his many photo publications is “Tokyo and my daughter,” a soft-cover artist book published by Homma in 2006. This first edition book, which focused on snapshots of his little one, was sold in both local and international avenues.
In 2008, Homma became the first Japanese photographer to be published by the New York-based Aperture Company. His work, “Takashi Homma: Tokyo,” became a smash hit.


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