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Shuntaro Tanikawa

Shuntaro Tanikawa, born 1931, is a world-famous Japanese poet.
Tanikawa is a lover of words and literature. Apart from having acclaimed poetry collections such as “Two Billion Light Years of Solitude,” Tanikawa has done translation work for Charles Schultz’s Peanut Comics and the centuries-old tale of mother goose. He has also created the lyrics for the theme song of the “Astro Boy” series. His involvement in the world-famous animation landed him an interview spot in the documentary “Ink Music: in the land of the hundred-tongued Lyricist.”
Tanikawa has written the scripts for many Japanese movies, such as “Video Letter,” “Firebird: Daybreak Chapter,” “Visions of Eight,” and “The Wanderers,” to name a few. He has also authored several school hymns across Japan.
Tanikawa is talented with words as he is talented with illustration. He also published two picture books, namely “Myself” and “Songs Playing With Words.”
His words also gave life and meaning to the picture books of many photographers. He collaborated with Katsuhito Nakazato for the publication “Koya-tachi no hitori-goto.” The book “Yoru no byōin,” on the other hand, is the result of his work with Shigeichi Nagano.
He also created the documentary “Video Letter,” a collection of video letters between Tanikawa and the late photographer, Shuji Terayama.


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