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Shotaro Akiyama

Of all the famous photographers in Japan, Shotaro Akiyama has the reputation for having captured the images of the famous actress of his time.
Born in 1920, Akiyama is best known as a glamour and celebrity photographer. In 1946, he established the Akiyama Photo Studio with the help of his friends but it did not flourish.
After the studio closed, he was hired as a photographer for the Kindai Eiga Movie Magazine. In 1951, he started his career as a freelance photographer, for which he landed big gigs shooting movie stars, fashion models, among many others.
One of his most famous works was “Portraits of Actresses,” which he published in 1997. The book revolved around the black and white pictures of then-popular actresses during their days of youth. The 349-page book features young snapshots of celebrities Mie Hama (who played a Bond girl), Keiko Matsuzaka, Chieko Baisho, Reiko Ohara, Shima Iwashita, to name a few.
While there were hundreds of women who filled the pages, Akiyama showed much ardor for Setsuko Hara, who was the same age as the photographer. She was one of the most famous celebrities of her time, and Akiyama confesses to having a crush on her when he was 16.


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