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Shinya Fujiwara

Born 1944 in Fukuoka, Japan, Shinya Fujiwara is a multi-awarded photographer known for his portraits of India, Tibet, Turkey, and the United States.
He was educated at the Tokyo University of Arts and Music, and as a student he voyaged to India and the Middle East where he captured the images which have made him famous in the local and international photography scene.
In 1976, he was given the Newcomer Award from the Japan Photographic Society. At the same time, he journeyed to South Korea where he continued to translate people and events to snapshots.
Apart from the Middle East, India, United States, Indonesia and Korea, Fujiwara lived in various parts of Japan, such as Ise, Okinawa and Moji Port. His local and international travels became the focus of his pictures, for which he was given a number of accolades and citations.
In 1978, he was handed the Ihei Kimura Award for the collection Shouyo Yuuki or Memories of Wanderings. In 1982, he was given the prestigious Manichi Art Award for his work “All the Eastern Highways.”
Fujiwara’s snapshots have been presented all around the Japan – and even the world, including that of the prestigious Kahitsukan Gallery at the Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art.


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