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Find new, used, out of print and collectible books from Japanese market for you!

We are always happy to search for you with our connections to booksellers, bookstores, publishers and collectors throughout Japan.
We will get back to you with detailed information at no charge.
Please feel free to contact us!

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・Buy only the books you really want; our searches are free, you are never obligated to buy.

・No hidden charges; the price we quote you is the price you pay, plus international shipping. Please see shipping price table.

・We deliver anywhere; you can have your book delivered safely to you anywhere in the world.

・Secure payment; choose whichever is most convenient method for you: Paypal, US$Checque, or bank transfer.

customer voice

I highly recommend Yuko and her professional services. Her research and clear descriptions are invaluable. Her promptness and honesty make her a pleasure to work with.
Best regards,
Amber Kertesz


Takashi Honma’s signed books are hard to come by. That’s why I was more than happy to see Yuko’s service . Packaging is extraordinary, and the delivery is immediate. Thank you for your assistance.
- E.C.
Writer, France

Yuko has proven to me that I can depend on her when it comes to finding my favorite books. I’m more than happy that she helped me find the ever-resilient book “Syashinsho Sayonara.”
- Vince
Cambridge, MA


Thank you Yuko, if not for you I’ll still be running around circles looking for the title.
- Mira Soriano






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