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Ryukichi Shibuya

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Ryukichi Shibuya

Ryukichi Shibuya is a respected Japanese photographer. Born in 1902, he has shown his works of art in both local and international galleries. Nowadays, his works cost a fortune.
His most famous works include “Cigarettes, Camera, and Coffee” printed in 1932; Laito ice cream advertisement, “Two Women in the Street” and “Woman in Kimono” which were all released in 1936. His works are touted as one of the most ‘expensive’ in the world, proven by the sky-high prices offered by connoisseurs every time his photos are auctioned out to the public. Auction companies from the US and UK have searched far and wide to obtain Shibuya’s rare yet pricey images.
“Toothpaste and Toothbrush” and “Scattered Objects,” which were also published in 1936, are considered rare finds. In a London auction, these snapshots were sold for a whopping £1875.
From the Jacobson and Hashimoto Collection are Shibuya’s Advertising Images and “Women with long pearls.” Both were sold by Philips de Pury Auctioneers for thousands of pounds.
Perhaps one of his most expensive photos is the “Standing Nude,” which he shot in 1937. With an appraised value of $3000, it was sold by Christie’s New York to a bidder who paid $3450.


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