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Roso Fukuhara

The early 1900’s was defined with traditional photography, but Japanese shutterbug Roso Fukuhara managed to add ‘modernism’ to otherwise old-fashioned portraits.

Fukuhara was born in January 16, 1982 in Ginza. He was not the only photographer in the family – Shinzo, his older brother, and Nobuyoshi (under the name Toru Namiki), the youngest, were also recognized for their memorable snapshots.

Although Fukuhara majored in French at the Keio University, he shuffled back to his first love: photography. Although he started out with amateur images, he improved his craft and was later known for using shallow focus and implementing incongruent juxtapositions of subjects and backgrounds.

After Fukuhara passed in 1946, four photo books were published in honor of his contributions to the modern art of photography. In 1997, the compilation Fukuhara Shinzō, Fukuhara Rosō: Hikari to sono kaichō or Fukuhara: Light and its harmony was published by Nikon Salon Books. In 1992, Watari-um released Hikari to sono kaichō: Fukuhara Shinzō, Fukuhara Rosō: 1913-nen – 1941-nen or The Light with Its Harmony: Shinzo Fukuhara / Roso Fukuhara: Photographs 1913–1941.

In 1994, the Shiseido Corporate Culture Department came up with the book publication of Shinzo, Fukuhara’s brother. Hikari no shijō: Fukuhara Shinzō no sekai or The World of Shinzo Fukuhara: Poetics of Light featured images captured by the brothers.



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