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Noriaki Yokosuka

Noriaki Yokosuka is known throughout the globe as an icon in fashion and advertising photography. Born in 1937 in Yokohama, Yokosuka’s works became famous during the 1960’s through the 1980’s, which is considered as the Golden Age of Japanese photography.

Yokosuka’s snapshots were illustrations of his interest in the human body and the magic of light. Apart from his photo compilations, Yokosuka has done several photography projects for Vogue Magazines of France, Italy, and Germany, making him the first Japanese photographer to do so. Locally, he has done advertisement campaigns for companies such as Issey Miyake and Shisheido.

Although he died at age 65, Yokosuka’s legacy lives on. In 2005 the posthumous picture collection “The Photon and the Ogre” was published to commemorate the life and times of the brilliant shutterbug. That same year, his masterpieces were put on display at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. In 2009, his snapshots, alongside those of Nobuyoshi Araki and Michele Zaza were exhibited in the Area 24 Art Gallery in Napoli, Italy.

Just last April 2012, his photographic collections namely “Optics” and “Burning Body” were displayed in the Emon Photo Gallery. Even years after his death, Yokosuka’s works continue to be displayed and appreciated by critics all around the world.



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