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Miyako Ishiuchi

Born in 1947, Miyako Ishiuchi grew up in post-war Japan. The torn-down buildings, famine, and other dire effects greatly affected her philosophy as a photographer. In fact, the state of Japan after World War II became the soul behind her first photographic collection: the “Yokosuka Story.” Just like Daido Moriyama and Shomei Tomatsu, Ishiuchi found her camera as an outlet of her thoughts, ideas, and expressions of Japan after the war.

Ishiuchi initially studied Textile at Tama Art University, but she left the university without a diploma to pursue her passion in photography. She was not wrong to abandon school, for in 1979 she was given the Ihei Kimura Award for her brilliant snapshots.

And the awards kept on pouring. Two decades later she was handed the 15th Domestic Photographer Award by the Higashikawa Contest, and the Shashin-no-kai award which she won again in 2003. In 2005, she received an Award from the Photographic Society of Japan, and in 2009, she was heralded with the prestigious Manichi Art Award.

Her works have been displayed in many international galleries, such as “1906 to the Skin” at the Dickson Foundation Gallery in North Carolina, “1-9-4-7” at the Laurence Miller Gallery in New York, and “Mothers 2000-2005, Traces of the Future” at Venice, Italy.



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