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Michiko Kon

Born in the Kanagawa Prefecture in 1955, Michiko Kon is one of the most accomplished Japanese photographers, having exhibited her works in art galleries all around the world.

A jetsetter in her own right, Kon’s lively images have been displayed in different countries. In 1988, she was part of the Japanese Women Photographers exhibit in Philadelphia, USA. The following year, her snapshots were catalogued in the “Hitachi Collection of Contemporary Japanese Photography” held at the University Of Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Kon’s first Solo Exhibit held outside Japan was in 1991, when she showed her portfolio gallery in Edinburgh, England. The following year, her images were displayed in galleries in Hemel Hempstead and Southend England.

After enrolling in school to learn about woodblock printing, she shifted her attention to photography. Her style philosophy is depicting images in deep, contrasted monochromatic shots. Her constructed yet humorous images – ranging from salmon roes and fish skins fashioned as apparel – have earned her several photography awards.

In 1987, she published a photo compendium entitled “Eat.” Ten years later, she followed it up with the book “Michiko Kon, Still Lifes.” With portraits displayed in arcades in the US, England, Australia, and Canada, there’s simply no stopping Kon in propagating her art.



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