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Mariko Shindo

Age is nothing but a number – at least that’s what Mariko Shindo proves in the cutthroat world of photography. Shindo just graduated from the Tokyo Visual Arts School in 2001, but she has already established herself as a household name.

In 2005, she was recognized in the international photography scene when her images were included in the Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain exhibit held in Paris, France. Her first photo book Bibo is a rare contemporary book – only 600 copies were published in the first run. This book is a collection of the snapshots she has taken over the years – parts of a bigger picture. Bibo, an 84-page compendium, is not about the usual city portraits – they were taken with such ‘distortion’ that you will only see an abstraction of the image.

Pictures of Bibo were exhibited by Shindo in 2006 at Zeit-Foto Salon in Tokyo. “Bibo: Blog of the City” was followed by “Bibo 1681-2127” in 2008.

Tokyo-born Shindo has done things many photographers dream of: publishing a book, displaying a solo exhibit, and joining an international group exhibit. At such a young age, she has done it all, that’s why she is considered one of the wunderkinds of Japanese photography.



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