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Makiko KOie

Makiko Koie Makiko Koie is one of the most published photographers in all of Japan. A native of Kyoto, Japan, Koie persuaded her lifelong dream of being a professional shutterbug by enrolling at the Kyoto City University of Fine Arts.

To date, she has staged eight solo exhibits, the first of which was presented in Gen Gallery, Tokyo in 1994. Her latest exhibit took place in 2010. It was held at the Zeit-Foto Salon in Tokyo.

Koie also joined several group exhibitions, such as the 26th and 27th Contemporary Art Exhibition, Kiss in the dark: contemporary Japanese photography, and Photography beyond 20 years from Tsukuba Museum of Photography 1985.

Koie’s portraits can also be seen in the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art and Ohara Museum of Art in Japan; and at the Shanghai and Guangdong Art Museums in China. Her images were also featured in international displays, such as the “Genomic Issue: Art and Science” exhibit at New York, and the “Art in Busan 2009” show at South Korea.

In 2005, Koie’s modernist photos were recognized with a number of laurels, such as the Kyoto City Artist Prize and the Ohara Museum of Art Prize for the Vision of Contemporary Art event.



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