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Kishin Shinoyama

Kishin Shinoyama, a noted Japanese photographer, is known for his passion for taking pictures of girls – dressed or undressed.

Born in 1940, Shinoyama studied at Nihon University. As a student, he worked on the side with the Light Publicity Agency. After graduating, he worked as a full-time freelance photographer.

He has published nine photo books, namely Five Seasons (Matsuda Seiko), 135 Women, Girls of Okinawa, The Geisha Series, Santa Fe (Rie Miyazawa), Yukio Mishima’s House, Ningen Kankei, 20XX Tokyo, and Double Fantasy, which covered the famous Beatle couple, John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Apart from nudes, Shinoyama has also shot ‘wholesome’ pictures, such as those featured in the book “Shinoyama Kishin at Tokyo Disney Resort.” The compilation features the resort during its 25th anniversary celebration.

Shinoyama has received three awards for his tasteful nudes. In 1966, he was given the Most Promising Young Photographer Prize. He was handed the Manichi Art Prize in 1980, and the Golden Eye Award in 1998.

However, Shinoyama’s fascination with nudes led to a police raid of his home last November 2009. Two snapshots of nude women in public, which was published in the book 20XX Tokyo, became the issue of this raid.

Shinoyama is happily married to Saori Minami. Their son is Akinobu Shinoyama.



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