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Kikuji Kawada

Kikuji Kawada’s photography philosophy is defined as an “attraction to physicality and a world of imagination.”

Kawada is one of the founders of the Vivo Collective, alongside renowned photographer Eikoh Hosoe. Born in 1933, Kawada graduated from Rikkyo University with a degree in Economics. Unlike other photographers, he learned the art all by himself.

He broke out in the world of photography in 1952, when his photograph won the Camera magazine contest, to which the juries were famous photographers Ihei Kimura and Ken Domon. After graduating in 1955, he became a photographer for the Shichosha publishing corporation. Four years after, he decided to become a freelance photographer.

He has published several photo books such as “Chizu” or the Map, which he published in 1964. The book documented post-war Japan, and included pictures of the Japanese flag, war ruins, Hiroshima’s ‘atomic doe,’ and military casualty. The compilation became the hot topic of the photography world. In fact, writers Badger and Parr, in the book “The History of the Photo book,” define Chizu as very “successful in combining graphic arts with a complex photo account.” Kawada’s other photo books are Seinaru Sekai, Ludwig II No Shiro, and The Nude.

Kawada’s works have proven to the community that as long as you have passion in photography, you will succeed.



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