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Kenji Ishiguro

Renowned photographer Kenji Ishiguro cites Yasuhiro Ishimoto’s “Chicago” pictures as his inspiration to become a photojournalist. With a passion for camera and picture-taking, Ishiguro enrolled in the Kuwasawa Design School in 1959, where Ishimoto was a lecturer.

While he was still a student, a photo magazine decided to use some of Ishiguro’s snapshots. His beautiful pictures helped him bag the Best New Artist Award from the Photographic Society of Japan that same year. He used his 50,000 Yen cash prize in staging a photo exhibit entitled “The Unfortunate Young.” The display chronicled images of student activists against the US-Japan Security War Treaty, the police who were trying to stop them, even jazz musicians who were oblivious to what was going on around them.

His artful exhibit opened doors for Ishiguro, whose “Young Lions” photo collection was featured in the Asahi Camera Magazine. The images featured the 60’s and 70’s celebrities Nagisa Ohshima, Shuji Terayama, Tadanori Yokoo, and Akihiro Miwa.

Apart from photography, Ishiguro also dabbles at writing novels and directing films. Although this is the case, photography is still Ishiguro’s first love. As of current, he is working on capturing Okinawa’s beautiful Yaeyama Islands. Peculiarly, Ishiguro dotes on using a digital camera on his tours for the “wet effect” it provides.



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