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Keiichi Tahara

As a child, Keiichi Tahara was already interested in his photography. He learned the basics by joining his grandfather, who was also a noted photographer.

Born in 1951, Tahara spent a great deal of his life in Paris, France, where he worked as a visual and lighting technician. Paris became the subject of his many works, such as “Ville” or “City,” which featured Paris lighting in black and white. Afterwards, he launched “Fenetre” or “Windows,” which gave him the Best New Photographer Award in the 1977 Arles International Photography Festival.

Tahara followed his works with several other publications, such as “Portrait,” “Eclat,” and “Polaroid.” In 1985, he received another famous citation – the Ihei Kimura photography award.

Tahara’s interest in lighting has extended way beyond the boundaries of photography. In 1993, his light sculpture named “Fighting the Dragon” was installed in the historic Castle of Angers. Seven years after, his project, named “Echos du Lumières” was fitted in the Canal Saint-Martin. He also created the “Niwa” or “Garden” light installation for the Photography Museum in Paris.

Tahara’s works in both photography and lighting show his flexibility and eye for detail. With 16 photography and lighting awards under his belt, Tahara will forever be an icon in the world of art.



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