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Kazuyuki Kawaguchi

Kazuyuki Kawaguchi is a prominent figure in the Japanese photography scene. His portraits, both monochromatic and in color, feature scents and events in several areas of Japan.

His portraits were featured in the 1989 book “Independent Photographers in Japan, 1976-1983,” which was edited by Hiroshi Nagai, Shinzo Shimao, and Ryuichi Kaneko. His works were categorized under “Put, 1976-1979” alongside the portraits of Noboru Hama, Kihei Yamamoto, Yuzo Shoda, and Toru Watanabe, to name a few.

One of his works is the book “Only Yesterday,” which features random street portraits taken by Kawaguchi over a period of 5 years during the 1970’s. However, it was just published in September 2010. The 88-page book has after words by Akira Hasegawa, both in English and Japanese. “Only Yesterday” is considered a rare find because only 500 copies were released into the general circulation.

In 2008, he showed his works at Place M with an exhibit named “Distance Tokyo.” In February 2011, Kawaguchi staged another solo exhibit entitled “Platinum Forest.” The display, which featured magical pictures of nature, was staged at the Konica Minolta Plaza.

With a famous book and solo exhibitions under his belt, Kawaguchi has earned the reputation as a chameleon of a photographer.



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