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Kazuo Kitai

Born in 1944 in Anshan, Manchuria, prolific photographer Kazuo Kitai is known for his portraits of the scenic Japanese countryside, which have been highly influenced by globalization and development.

One of his most famous photo projects is “Kazuo Kitai’s visions of Beijing,” wherein he shot images and portraits of the Chinese capital from the 1970’s to the 1980’s. The book includes snapshots of the National Museum of Art, Asian Games Village, Houhai Lake, and Picai Hutong, among many others.

Apart from his frequent travels, Kitai also tackles Japan’s sensitive issues. “1970’s Nippon,” a book which Kitai published in 2001, focused on the 1970’s, which was the time when Japan shifted from agriculture to urbanization.

In September 2009, Kitai published another book entitled “Walking With Leica 2.” The 72-page is the continuation of the “Walking With Leica” series, which were published in the Nippon Camera Magazine in 2007. In this book, he ventured away from his hometown of Tokyo, to capture sights and events taking place in Japan.

Kazuo Kitai is a true visionary, respected by his colleagues and fellows in the world of photography. His works earned him a spot in the book “328 Outstanding Japanese Photographers,” which was published by the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.



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