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Kayo Ume

At a young age of 31, shutterbug Kayo Uma has done many things that a budding photographer can only dream of. As a femme fatale in a world dominated by men, Ume has proven her worth by having presented her photos in several group exhibits.

In 2008, she showed her inspiring snapshots at the exhibit “Happiness of Everyday Life,” which was presented at the Art Tower Mito ATM at Mito. She followed it up with “Art of Power, Born of Pleasure,” which was exhibited in the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art in 2009.

She has produced a number of photo books as well. In 2003, she released her first-ever photo book entitled “Childlens.” True to its name, it features cheerful pictures of children from all over Japan. In 2006, she released the compilation “Ume-me: Today’s Happening,” for which she won the prestigious Ihei Kimura Award. Ume-me, which is considered as the ‘neighborhood’s greatest photo book,’ sold over 110,000 copies. The following year, Ume published “Danshi,” a photo book featuring a carefree child on the cover. In 2010, she published the 144-page picture book entitled “Umep.”

Ume, who was born in 1981, has already earned acclaim in the world of photography before she turned 30. And for sure, there’s no stopping her from coming up with more vivid portraits.



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