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Junichi Okugawa

Junichi Okugawa, a renowned Japanese photographer, is famous for his youthful and colorful portraits. As of date, he has published three picture books, all of which are very imaginative and vibrant. While some might view his shots are very juvenile, many consider them a “breath of fresh air.”

His most popular picture book is “Brown Diary Golden” or the Japanese Teddy Bear Book. The book, which was published in 2003 by Graphic Sha, features portraits of cute teddy bears in different moods and locations.

The adorable teddy bear book was followed by Picnic 360, a 195-page picture book featuring a decade’s worth of snapshots. True to its name, Okugawa made the shots while in a “jolly picnic mood.”

His third book, “Ultra Chocolate Brownie,” is truly to die for. Dessert connoisseurs and chocolate lovers will truly love the appetizing pictures of brownies featured in the book.



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