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Ichiro Kojima

After the Second World War, the Japanese took on a new hobby: photography. And one of the citizens who caught the photojournalism bug was Ichiro Kojima. Born in 1924, he literally grew up in the world of photography, as his dad owned a photo supply shop in Aomori city.

At age 30, Kojima decided to focus on the art of photography. He managed to make ordinary pictures of farmhouses and snowy fields extraordinary with his artistic sensibilities.

In 1961, Kojima relocated to Tokyo to improve his photography career. He did not fail, for the same year he was given the Novice Photographer award for his work, “The Rough Seas of Shimokita.” However, Kojima found it hard to shoot in a new environment, for he always took pictures in his homeland of Aomori City.

Kojima wanted to make a successful follow-up project, and with this vision he relocated to Hokkaido where he attempted to take photographs of the city’s seasons. The weather proved too much for him, and he passed away at the young age of 39.

Kojima’s passion for photography – one that led to his death – was recognized in the 2009 exhibit entitled “Kojima Ichiro: A Retrospective – Postwar Aomori’s Photographic Mullet.”



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