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Hiroshi Nonami

Many shutterbugs stick with the basic aspects of photography. But Hiroshi Nonami thinks it’s better to think out of the box. His photo-developing methods – such as letting mold grow on the film, has captured the attention of many photo critics.

The venture into the unknown, the spontaneity of the developing images – are just some of the things that make Nonami an avant-garde photographer. The iconic photojournalist, who was born in Matsue City in 1954, sharpened his skills at the Osaka Photography Academy. In 1979 – four years after his graduation – he established his own studio named “No-ah.”

Nonami’s peculiar photographic style reminds one of medieval and classic art. Shapely women are Nonami’s muses, and their gothic and dream-like poses make for portraits that are truly unique. The Renaissance photographer is also known for his method of stacking photo slides in order to ‘fuse’ images.

Nonami has published several photo books, namely Abyss, Eureka, Chaos, and Mousa. He has also published portrait collections of the actress Makiko Esumi and the band Luna Sea.

Nonami’s quirky, effervescent pictures have earned him exhibit slots in his hometown of Japan, and even in galleries in the United States and Europe. With the international audience clamoring for more of Nonami’s shocking images, it indeed shows that bold is beautiful.



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