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Hiroh Kikai

Hiroh Kikai For several years, Japanese shutterbug Hiroh Kikai was recognized in the local photography scene for his beautiful monochromatic portraits. His shots of Tokyo buildings, citizens of the Asakusa district, and the culture of India and Turkey were the toast of Japan’s photography scene for over two decades.

Kikai, who was a Philosophy major, first delved in photography in 1969. His first camera was the Hasselblad SLR Camera, which he continues to use until today. In 1973, his managed to get his pictures published in the magazine Camera Mainichi. Although he loved black and white portraits, Kikai broke free from the constancy by shooting colored photos of nude women and the beautiful Goto Islands.

Kikai’s efforts did not go unnoticed. He managed to break into the international photography scene in 2003. It proved to be a momentous year for him, for it was the time when he published his photo book “Persona,” which featured portraits of people of Tokyo’s Asakusa village. This book earned him the Annual Award from the Photographic Society of Japan and the Domon Ken Award.

In 2009, his photo book was published by Steidl and the International Center of Photography in order to provide international consumers a peek of his camera masterpieces. He continues to show his homochromous shots in local and international exhibits.



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