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Helmut Newton

From the 1950’s to the 1960’s, pictures from glamour magazines such as Vogue were almost always the work of Helmut Newton, a renowned German-Australian photographer. His provocative, sexually-charged black and white photos have been the gold standard, and remains to be imitated until today.

At the tender age of 12, Newton purchased his first camera and worked for renowned German photographer Elsie Neulander Simon. When the war broke, Newton and his family managed to escape Germany. He settled in Australia where he was interned by the British Army. Newton started a photography studio at the upscale Flinders Lane, and his work on ‘New Visions in Photography’ introduced the style of ‘New Objectivity’ photography.

His fashion photos became so famous that he was tapped by Vogue Australia to shoot their models. He then relocated to London to work for British Vogue, and went back to the country down under to work with Vogue Australia once again. His sexually-suggestive portraits paved the way for his Playboy shoots of Kristine DeBell and Nastassia Kinski.

In 2003, he donated a number of photos to the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, which paved the way for the institution of the Helmut Newton Foundation. He might have died in 2004, but his photographic legacies live on.




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