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Hajime Sawatari

Advertising, fashion and nude photography are just some of the many things that define the photography ideology of Hajime Sawatari. Born in 1940, this Japanese shutterbug earned a degree in Photography from the College of Art of Nihon University.

In 1973, he published a picture book entitled ‘Alice,’ which was inspired by the children’s fairytale Alice in Wonderland. The book displayed nude pictures of a prepubescent woman, which have sparked controversy from the sides of conservative photographers.

Sawatari’s pictures, although scandalous, have captured the attention of many critics for which he was given several citations. He won two Annual Awards (Sendo Sho) from the Japan Photograph Association. In 1973, he was recognized for his book ‘Nadia,’ which depicted photos of the namesake Italian woman who Sawatari went out with. In 1979, he was given his second award for ‘Alice from the Sea.’ He was also given the Kodansha Publication Culture Award in 1990 for his book, ‘Taste of Honey.’

Following these award-winning compendiums are other acclaimed picture books, such as Seiji Ozawa and A Girl. His snapshots have been displayed in many respected art galleries, such as the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo and the Ginza Wacoal Hall.




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