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Gentaro Ishizuka

Born in Tsukiji, Tokyo in 1977, Gentaro Ishizuka is famous for shots which depict the bustling metropolis that is Tokyo.

One of Ishizuka’s famous works is the photo book “Pipeline Alaska,” which he published in 2007. It featured shots of the 1280 kilometer-long, snow-covered pipes that transport oil to various parts of North America. That same year, he published the 48-page photo book “WWWWW” under Seigensha Art Publishing.

In 2008, his exhibit entitled “Inner Passage” was displayed in Tokyo’s Gallery White Room together with the help of the ESPRE Company. Inner Passage depicts Ishizuka’s snapshots of the beautiful Kanda River, which flows at the heart of his birth place. Ishizuka boarded on a kayak, and let the river’s currents take him to the different parts of the river. With his large format camera in tow, Ishizuka captured the water passing, the river currents and other beautiful elements that gave him a photographic rendezvous like no other.

For his picturesque portraits, Ishizuka were given several accolades, such as the Epson Color Imaging Contest in 2002, Visual Arts Photo Medal in 2003, and the Newcomer’s Citation from the Photographic Society of Japan in 2004. He is currently managed by Gallery 21 of Tokyo.




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