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Chuji Yasui

Chuji Yasui is considered as one of the pillars of Japanese photography, which made a promising leap since the 1920’s. Yasui’s works during the 1930’s to the 1940’s were considered the best during their time. In fact, he was included in the December 2004 edition of the Bijutsu Techno Monthly Art Magazine for his influential work in photography before the Second World War broke out.

Yasui was considered a photography genius, with his awe-inducing peripheral shots. Peripheral photography is defined as the art of taking a picture of an item in which all its sides and surfaces are presented on just one shot. Apart from photography, peripheral shots are important in archaeology and art history.

What makes Yasui a Japanese photography icon is that he thought out of the box. Early on in the century, peripheral photography was not as famous as landscape photography. But Yasui managed to introduce budding Japanese photographers to this ‘unique’ style of taking pictures.

Photography was not that famous in Japan before, and now it has earned throngs of followers and audiences with the help of Yasui and other Japanese photographers. From then until now, Yasui is considered as one of the most influential photographers in the nation.




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