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Chotoku Tanaka

Chotoku Tanaka is the master of all trades. He is a world-renowned photographer, Leica expert, and published writer of over 150 books. Early on in his life, he became famous with his photos, and was even published in the July 1970 edition of Camera Magazine of Switzerland. The 65-year-old Japanese shutterbug has travelled all around the world, and has captivated the beautiful sights of Austria, Czechoslovakia, Finland, and New York with his handy Leica Camera. Leicas, which were the first practical 35 millimeter cameras, were intended as compact alternatives for landscape photographers. Tanaka, with his Leica in tow, roamed around the world implementing street photography, just like the famous Henri Cartier-Bresson. While most Leicas are considered expensive collectibles nowadays, Tanaka continues to use his own to chronicle photo-worthy moments of each and every day. Tanaka, modest as he is, was noticed for his contributions to world of Leica photography, among many others. In 2000, he was named one of the 328 Outstanding Photographers at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum. Also a scribbler, his latest project is the “Yaneura Praha,” a chronicle of his life as an Asia in Prague. Learn more about Mr. Tanaka by visiting his own camera blog where you can follow his international snapshot adventures.




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