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- We carry new, scarce and out-of-print antiquarian books specializing in Japanese photography, art, architecture, culture and history.

-We also search for books, articles and documents on customer’s request with our connections to booksellers, bookstores, publishers, authors and collectors including experts in various fields.

Since we are a small business, our capacity is limited, but our service is highly personalized.
Currently, over 90% of our business consist of repeat customers and referrals.
We enjoy a business oriented toward communication with each customer.
The value we receive in selling and searching books for our customers surpasses only monetary concerns.
We have had the pleasure to meet and work with people all over the world.

We will do our best to give you the professional service, and find answers to your questions.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or if you require our services.

About the Owner

While every kid was busy playing their toys, the young Yuko Hino was busy reading books to learn about the different cultures.
Growing up, Yuko continued to explore world cultures through various means. That was when her love for books started to foster.

As a college student, Yuko knew what she wanted to do – to let other people know more about Japan and its culture.
Thus, she majored in Teaching Japanese as a Second Language. While in college, Yuko started teaching Japanese in privatein some schools and in some colleges.

She then went Australia and worked as a Japanese teacher.
This was when she realized the importance of books to learn more about various cultures.
She started a book search service for friendswho were looking for Japanese books to use for their research, or collections.
Then through word of mouth, she expanded her business to formally become a book dealer, offering book service in various fields.

When Yuko returned to Japan, she worked as a bilingual teacher, teaching Japanese and English to more than 300 students, some of whom were young kids.
She has also aided two authors in content writing and information gathering for the publication of two instructional books for English learners.

Working as a Book Dealer
As a book dealer, Yuko has helped various academic institutions, colleges, public libraries, book shops and individual collectors, scholars, book dealers, researchers, professors and authors, in their search for out-of-print or hard-to-find books.

Our Value

Yuko and RarebooksJapan has one main goal, and that is to provide assistance to its clients in order for them to accomplish their own objectives by bridging the gap between cultures through book dealership.
Moreover, Yuko’s resolute passion for sharing Japanese culture with people around the world, in exchange for learning various other cultures, continue to inspire Yuko and enjoy her work every single minute. For her, no monetary value could ever surpass the happy and satisfied faces and voices of customers who have successfully found the books of their choice.
Welcome to Rarebooksjapan! We hope to help you in as many ways as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our services.
Our clients include a wide variety of museums, academic and research institutes, universities and book stores catering to individual enthusiasts such as writers, photographers, researchers and collectors etc.

More than 2000 sales so far.

Yuko Hino
Licensed antique dealer



sales history

Our clients include a wide variety of museums, academic and research institutes, universities and book stores catering to individual enthusiasts such as writers, photographers, researchers and collectors etc.
More than 1000 sales so far.
Licensed antique dealer

customer voice

I ’ve always loved the work of Nobuyoshi Araki and I’m glad that RarebooksJapan has helped me find his rare books. The delivery is fast, and the service is exceptional. Will purchase one from you again!
- J. S. Cowl
Photography Student


Most rare book sites have exorbitant shipping fees. Yuko does not overprice her shipping rate, unlike other dealers out there. That’s why I did not think twice in buying the photo books from her. I will surely ask for your help once again for more photography books.
- - Christie
Johannesburg, South Africa

At first I was hesitant to buy from this website, but after receiving my book in a carefully-sealed package, I threw my inhibitions right outside the window. Nobody cares about packaging as much as RarebooksJapan does. Given the cost of the books I’m glad that it’s sealed with much care. Thank you for your assistance, looking forward to transacting with you once again.
- Kirk D.





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